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Soul Coughing.


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Oh, gracious. Where do I even begin? Here's what's new.

School basically rules my life. (As it should, I suppose.) I absolutely love the learning situation I'm in though - Jenks Alternative Center was most certainly made for me - even though I thought I would hate it when I first arrived. My friends who go to the high school have lovingly named it, "Street School." I'm constantly pounded with jokes about third-grade level work, nap time, and whatever else they come up with. But truly... it isn't like that. Not at all. They just don't understand it. In fact, I pride myself on going to this school.

Let me let you know what it's like.

Yes, it's true that many of the kids that I go to JAC with are struggling. (But to be honest, what teenager in this generation ISN'T?) Many have children or husbands and wives. Four girls are currently pregnant in the program. Some are here because they got in trouble with the law, some are here because they back talked to teachers or got in fights on the main campus. Or, like me, some are here because they got ill and need to catch up on credits. But, whatever the reason, we're all amazing people anyway. Everyone knows everyone, everyone cares about everyone, and our teachers are the greatest I've ever had. My individual learning style and needs are fully addressed and understood... I get extra help whenever I need it... and my talents are always encouraged and recognized. Sure, we never get assigned homework, but we're doing eighteen weeks (that's 2 semesters, or one school year, on the main high school campus) worth of work in nine weeks. EVERY nine weeks. I'll allow a slight pause here for you to go back over that.

... That's right. We do eighteen weeks worth of work in nine weeks, every nine weeks.

We run on what is called a block system. There are four blocks a year, and each block is nine weeks long. Every block, we are given new classes based on what we need to make up or what credits we may need now or later. For example, this block (Block 3 of 4) I'm taking United States History, Environmental Science II, Yearbook/Photography, Personal Finance, and APLUS... which is an online class that is just electives. (I just finished Humanities I and am now taking Art Appreciation in the APLUS program.) I've already taken US History & Environmental Science II, but because an Incomplete went into the gradebook for them, I'm retaking them. I would never have this privilege at the high school.

And on the side, I'm a part of the leadership program. We also do a lot of charity work at JAC, like the canned food drive in Thanksgiving for families who can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner, and we spend a whole day at Salvation Army during the Christmas season sorting through gifts for the Angel Tree.

We're definitely a one-of-a-kind program and I love it to death. :)

Anyway, onto other news:

Here's some of my current favorites and fascinations:

Explanation: I encourage everyone with an inner cook to check out these recipes... this woman is genius! She has recipes for everything under the sun, and has high quality photos of every step. She's also very, very funny. I was flattered when a friend told me recently that we have really similar diction.

Explanation: 1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched a few months ago and updated every weekday. Everything he posts is witty, rolling on the floor laughing funny, and so very true!

Explanation: Allen, Texas photographer who takes stunning photos. He pairs his remarkable editing skills with interesting, beautiful, sometimes silly, smile-forming, head-turning, thinking-worthy concepts. He's been my favorite for several years. I'll be posting one of his images at the end of each and every one of my posts. Click to enlarge them!

Adios for now!

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