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Soul Coughing 4.


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It's Love Day! :)

I lack a Valentine... but I don't mind. I think that's probably a good thing right about now. I haven't been in the best health this weekend, to say the least. I came home from school on Friday, after feeling progressively yuckier and yuckier throughout the day... and I was hit HARD with some sort of stomach virus. Just after walking inside, Eric greeted me, and I could only moan back: "I feel awful."
His next reply was a classic brotherly love: "Awww... did you murder somebody on your way home?"
Normally, I would have laughed. Instead, I rushed for the bathroom in what would be the first of many awful visits throughout the evening. I couldn't even keep water down and my stomach had a horrible pain to it that I've never really had before. Finally, around nine at night, I could keep down some lemon-lime Gatorade. (Maybe not the best drink, but it definitely restores electrolytes and sugars that have been absent from your body thanks to being sick. And it's only when I really need it; Otherwise, it's water when I'm not feeling well.) Anyway. Lemon-lime Gatorade is the magic stuff that my dad has given to me since I was a little girl. He waters it down and it always seems to work wonders. About half an hour after drinking up, I was actually beginning to feel more like a human again. I had been incredibly pale throughout most of the evening - more so than normal - with all color drained from my face. Even my lips lacked their normal, naturally red color. By the time an hour had passed, I was pale no more and could actually get some sleep. I was exhausted.

The sickness has lingered into Saturday, and even a bit into today, Sunday. It's off and on. I still feel pretty tired and definitely don't feel like getting out. However, I'm sure that once school resumes on Tuesday, I'll be peachy keen.

In other news, I visited the Tulsa Technology Center on Thursday with dad. The Lemley campus, on Memorial... and took a tour of the Photography I classroom. I was like a kid in a candy store, I was so excited. They have two darkrooms - one for adding chemicals to process our own film, and the other for developing our own prints. You've seen the latter of those two on crime shows; Characters stick a seemingly blank piece of photo paper in all these chemicals, and then a photo appears, then hang it up to dry or send it through a paper dryer. We'll learn that whole process (but only for black & white film). Color film is just processed and then scanned onto the computer instead of being printed. For digital work, they have two studios. Each studio contains all of the fancy necessities - umbrella lights, backgrounds, etc. When not using studios, we go on field trips to all sorts of places off of campus to capture photos. The last exciting element of the classroom is the ten - soon to be twenty - iMac computers. They have four different editing programs on them, one of them being Photoshop CS3. We will also be taught how to use those correctly.

So, overall, I'm absolutely dying to be a part of this. It's just a matter of waiting for my acceptance or rejection letter. I'm staying positive, but my back up is Culinary Arts, should I not get in. Photography Technology is a class that typically has a long waiting list. However, the points you gain by taking a visit set you apart from others. And there are surprisingly many kids who drop the class before it begins, and therefore, openings become available. I'll know by sometime in March whether or not I need to begin joining another program. Crossing my fingers that I get in. :)

Aloha for now!

[Photo Credit: Andrew Hefter Photography]

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