Friday, March 11, 2011

I just pulled this blog up from the bottom of the ocean.

Well, practically. I haven't posted here in ages... and that's because I'm almost always posting here!

The blog I linked above documents my frequent travels through the life of freelance/aspiring music journalism. I pour a lot of effort into it and get many readers, so many in fact, that it's getting a custom domain name. (A .com address, for those who don't know what I'm speaking of). I've used the name Soul Coughing for the blog for the past year and a half that this blog has been alive, but because that name is not uniquely mine, I've changed the blog name to Vinyl Sea. My lovely best friend Ashley Schanley (who has been attending Regent University for the past year for cinema) has done all of the custom artwork that the blog has. She's moving to a university in Portland, OR to study art and/or music production. (Portland is where I hope to move after college, so I'm sure I'll be visiting often)!

Anyway. I hope you all will divert your attention there now! It's my pride and joy.

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